Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Canadian Press does Eyeborg story

Story here.

Toronto filmmaker plans to use prosthetic eye camera for documentary

Big Brother is watching — and so is Little Brother.
Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence says he is getting a tiny video camera put inside a prosthetic eye to allow him to secretly film his subjects.

Spence says his goal is twofold: to raise awareness of constant surveillance in society and to get people talking unself-consciously.


Esteban said...

Hi Rob:

Very cool. I have been blind in one eye since age 17 and recently became interested in film making about vocational rehabilitation. My story led me into the Voc Rehab profession. I have also taught sociology and psychology and am very interested in the results you get from your interviews. Please keep me informed of your progress and work

Eye-eyeCapt said...

My eye was blinded. Impact disconnected membrane and poof...3 surgeries later and my vision only got worse. Now, all i can tell is that if there's light in the room if i cover my seeing eye. Wanna wing man? Hit me up. I'm imaginative and friendly. lol Yes, I'm a dude.

bretttheemo123 said...

I was hit in the eye three years ago by a runaway stick, i never got a prosthetic one or anything. i think getting a video camera in replace is a brilliant idea, so keep me informed on your progress please.

Sachin Gupta said...

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