Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cuz sent me an eye-tune -Oh Montreal

This fresh in my from my Cuz (Cuz=cousin) - who is now the official tune supplier for He will supply appropriately eye-ish/cyborg-y songs that are good listening. Hey, trust me, Cuz knows his tunes. His eye-dentity I am afraid must remain secret for now.

So anyways, this just in from Cuz....

Cuz: "I'm deeming this the best track of the year. It is a long one, but soooo addictive, and no they are not from's an almost full version."

The lyrics mention "story of the eye". Sounds deep....
According to the lyrics, his wife and daughter had just left him. Ouch.

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Teal said...

Still looking for "eye in the sky" by APP.