Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiny Camera oh my!

Here's a shot Steve Mann took of me in the lab last night.

Steve is an ace photographer as well as a cyborg/scientist.

You can see one of the camera modules a company sent to us next to my prosthetic eye.

Cool hein?


DeeWoo said...

This is the first time I have heard someone trying to put an camera into their eyesocket...the idea was mesmerizing!
Cant wait to see the first footage from your eye.

The first thought I had was the battery in the cam...for how long will you be able to film do you think?

Anonymous said...

Question. Have you considered a implant in the brain to allow you to see from your you prostectic ?

the-iguana said...

wow. amazing. good luck with that. ;)

JRMK said...

Congratulations for your initiative!
I have a father that has glaucome in a very advanced stage, unfortunately, maybe your device once ready can help him.
Please keep me posted.

Best Regards,

Jose Roberto

Rob Spence Bionic Documentary Maker said...

Hey thanks for the comments.

Not considering getting sight restored right now. Just want a bionic camera.

The battery is in the prototype stage right now so I don't know. But stay tuned.

Rob Spence